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The heartbeat of our work is pouring into the lives of CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs helping them live a life of Faith, Success and Legacy.  With great success comes great accountability and responsibility, and the CEO Huddles are there to help you create a worthwhile legacy each week.


Our complimentary, weekly 1-hour-sharp Huddles are peer-to-peer masterminds with a Christian worldview.  The ideas, strategies and insights you gain are secondary only to the desire you’ll have to better live your faith in business.

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About the founder

Known as the Institutional Systems Thinking CEO, recognized as “Top 100 Most Influential Floridians,” and nominated to the Civilian Task Force for Central Command and the Department of Defense , Dr. Roberts is the Founder/CEO of Courageous!, faith-based, non-profit The Prompting, and Roberts & Lowe (with Peter Lowe, founder of the Get Motivated Success Seminars) and is an internationally-renowned, best-selling author, CEO and TV personality. He has led several global, high growth public and privately-held companies (including serving as CEO of the Hoverboard company – the single hottest global consumer product of 2015) and has a record of creating viral global brands and the fastest growing companies in America. 


He started the CEO Huddles in 2014 with a few other entrepreneurs to be the best he could be in business by practicing and implementing the business growth principles of God's Word.  It wasn't just a networking event, it was one hour a week of being raw, vulnerable, and transparent that is rare in the business world.  The CEO Huddles quickly grew to over 9,000 entrepreneurs and businesspeople gathering together in small groups around the country.  Sparked by the CEO Huddles, The Prompting became the fastest growing marketplace ministry of 2015.

Dr. Roberts has been a featured Keynote Speaker at Harvard University, an advisor to the Top 20 Startup companies in the world (in Menorca, Spain), an economic, trade, crisis, and branding strategist to world governments, a Commencement Address speaker, Adjunct Professor in International Business, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing/Branding for Belhaven University, and hosts Entrepreneur Workshops for universities, schools, and economically-challenged communities.

In addition to being a private pilot, he hosts Kingdompreneur Radio, a weekly, 1-hour, call-in business radio show on Salem Media Group's FM and AM stations - the largest Christian radio conglomerate in the world, holds a Doctorate degree in Global Business and Entrepreneurship, author of 4 best-selling international books on business and entrepreneurship, was a state Senate candidate in 2012, provides counsel to high profile individuals and corporations, and continues to educate and inspire leaders and entrepreneurs through CEO Huddles and hosting the semi-annual CEO Cruise.



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